Custom Arduino Greenhouse Monitoring System

After I complete my Weather Station Project Idea (Ardrino) I will move onto this project.

Using temperature/humidity/soil moisture sensors and a tap solenoid (recycled) I could automate my greenhouse watering. The system will be internet aware with a control panel to override the sensors.


The 555 Timer will trigger update events and the 4 bit timer is really there to help switch open circuits to reuse the limited analogue pins on the Ardrino, EEPROM will save data if the internet is offline. I plan on open sourcing all code and designs.


Hacking an Aqua Systems Two Dial Electronic Tap timer with an arduino/wifi

Bunnings sell cheap Aqua Systems Two Dial Electronic Tap timers that allow you to set a repeating timed/duration watering system that you connect to a standard hose fitting. The problem is this does not factor in watering restriction guidelines, rain events or variations in the weather.


One of my goals is to hack an Aqua Systems Two Dial Electronic tap timer and replace its circuitry with an Arduino micro controlled that is connected to the web/online schedule.


Opening the timer reveals a simple 3v IC, 3V motor, torque increasing plastic gears, flexing circuit breaker connected to a gear and a rotating ball joint to allow/ block water flow.



The plan is to remove the built in circuits and replace it with an atmega328p, 484Mhz wireless transmitter, upgraded 6v power and reuse the motor, gears and housing.


Each hacked unit will communicate with a single house raspberry pi that handles the schedules etc