Making JSON more readable in the Terminal with Curl extension jq

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When developing apps and games you may need to read JSON files quickly in the Terminal, this can be a pain.

JSON is a right pain to read in the Mac terminal but Cloudant have some great tips for viewing JSON here.

First of all here is a random JSON file displayed in the mac terminal using curl.

Terminal Command:

curl ''

json default

What a mess.


Install the ./jq lightweight command line JSON processor from

Install (type this in the terminal and install)

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install jq

fyi: Homebrew is a packaged installer (read more and check out to see what other packages you can install.


Now lets try the curl command again with ” ! jq .” added to the end of the curl request.

Terminal Command:

curl '' | jq .

color coded json in terminal

If you just want a web based tool try the Postman extension for Google Chrome.