Hacking an Aqua Systems Two Dial Electronic Tap timer with an arduino/wifi

Bunnings sell cheap Aqua Systems Two Dial Electronic Tap timers that allow you to set a repeating timed/duration watering system that you connect to a standard hose fitting. The problem is this does not factor in watering restriction guidelines, rain events or variations in the weather.


One of my goals is to hack an Aqua Systems Two Dial Electronic tap timer and replace its circuitry with an Arduino micro controlled that is connected to the web/online schedule.


Opening the timer reveals a simple 3v IC, 3V motor, torque increasing plastic gears, flexing circuit breaker connected to a gear and a rotating ball joint to allow/ block water flow.



The plan is to remove the built in circuits and replace it with an atmega328p, 484Mhz wireless transmitter, upgraded 6v power and reuse the motor, gears and housing.


Each hacked unit will communicate with a single house raspberry pi that handles the schedules etc


2 Replies to “Hacking an Aqua Systems Two Dial Electronic Tap timer with an arduino/wifi”

  1. I kid you not, I was taking a load of things to the tip this morning, I’m sitting on the highway thinking random thoughts about our yard and the fact that both myself and my partner tend to kill plants because we just get too busy and forget to water them.. and I thought to myself, it would be great to hook up a Raspberry Pi to a pressure pump and only activate the pump when it’s been dry for X number of days. This is probably a cheaper solution but the same result. Definitely interested to see how you go here!

  2. Ben, I already have a MySQL database with a page to load/save values for raw access from an Arduino. The good thing about the Aqua Systems timer is there is loads or room to remove the custom IC board and swap in an Arduino or PIC and have it 100% internet aware.

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